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HeartLife presents: Career Counseling

What am I going to do? Where am I going to college? How can I find a job? We have all asked these questions at some point in our lives. Whether a high school graduate trying to figure out their next steps or a recently furloughed employee looking for new work or an empty nester looking for a new way to fill their time, HeartLife career counseling is here to help. Through our 8 session plan, we assist clients in setting goals, figuring out how to achieve those goals, and prepare for possible trials along the way.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy when it comes to career counseling synthesizes client desires and client proclivities. We ultimately want to enable the client to make an informed decision about their future; at no point will we say “You can’t do that due to your scores,” or “You wouldn’t make a good (blank).” What we will do is encourage our clients to apply their unique set of skills in the most advantageous way to their desired employment.

Alongside career paths, we also take into account education requirements along the way. If the client is a high school student, we would talk about the types of education facilities that best suit the career path. If the client is of a post-collegiate age, we will discuss how to get the proper certifications for the desired career path, if needed. Each session is directed to individual client needs. Though we have a template of the plan we follow, it is uniquely curtailed to where the client is in their life.

The Plan

First, we begin with some professional questionnaires and data intake. We talk about contextualizing factors such as personal employment history, family employment history, education background, and administer a few personality tests to provide a baseline.

Second, we sit down together, go over the information we collected in the prior session, and then establish interest. This is the point where we begin the discussion with the classic “what do you want to do?” During this conversation, we consider how that interest either lines up with the first session’s results or conflicts with the prior session’s data. In the unlikely event that the data conflicts, that by no means discounts a person’s employment desires. Rather it simply opens up a conversation of how to apply your individual set of skills best to the desired realm of employment.

Third, we begin designing a lifestyle that comes with the desired employment. We discuss aspects such as financial status, ability to support a family, lifestyle advantages, etc. We talk about a rough salary and what the client can do with that salary practically. Then we look at the practicality of achieving the client’s goals and determine how much effort will be required on the part of the client to achieve those goals.

Lastly, we put the finishing touches on the cohesive career plan for the client, and we address the possible pitfalls that may inevitably come up while executing the plan.


This program is designed to help individuals who desire a clear direction in attaining the career and lifestyle that they desire. Each session is designed to help each client identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to match the client with a career that they are truly satisfied in. During these 8 sessions, each client will develop a unique step by step plan that the individual should take to achieve true happiness in their career. Whether you are a student with no clue or an experienced worker looking for a change this program is just for you!

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