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Dr. Danny Akin

President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Here is a model for soul care that is biblically faithful and theologically responsible. Here is how Christian counseling ought to be done, as an extension of the disicipling ministry of the local church. The care for the total person is at the heart of this ministry as it should be. Here is a model that I pray will be reproduced throughout the body of Christ for the glory of God and the good of human persons who need healing from the ravages of a sin saturated world.”


Dr. Eric Johnson

Director of the Society for Christian Psychology

Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Christian counseling that is really Christian is a lot harder to find than one would think. The counselors at HeartLife are committed to making the counseling they provide biblical and at the same time they work with the highest clinical and professional standards. I’ve known the director, Chuck Hannaford, for a number of years, and I have personally benefitted from his commitment to distinctly Christian counseling.”


Dr. Chuck Herring, Pastor

Collierville First Baptist

“I have known Dr. Hannaford for several years now. He is first and foremost a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, and, secondly, he is a professional CHRISTIAN psychologist. When our staff counsels hurting people and we discern that referral to a professional is called for, we send them to HeartLife. I know they will receive biblical counseling that focuses on the heart of the issue. As a result, marriages can be healed, fears can be overcome, victory over anxiety can be won. And, most importantly, a hurting person can walk away having experienced a fresh touch from God!”


Ken Whitten

Idlewild Baptist Church, Lutz, FL

“The issues surrounding what makes counseling ‘Christian’ are many. The call to bring soul care back into the realm of the local church and equip the church to provide the kind of care necessary for today’s culture has been Chuck’s passion and study for many years now. His critique of these issues and the solutions that he proposes are worthy of today’s church’s study and reflection. Chuck is passionate not only about helping churches, but also individuals, to be holy and healthy spiritually and emotionally for the glory of God.”


Rev. Robert O. Browning

Senior Pastor Christ Presbyterian Church Olive Branch, MS

“From the time of Genesis 3 until now the world has been facing the reality of its brokenness and has ‘been groaning in pain (Romans 8:22) for the redemption and restoration that is only found in the gospel. HeartLife Professional Soul Care, working in partnership with God’s Church, is an active participant and an instrument of grace in the lives of people to experience firsthand the realization of Christ’s promise to ‘make all things new (Revelation 21:5).”


Dr. Sam R. Williams

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Chuck Hannaford leads the pack among Christian and Baptist psychologists. His commitment to the Gospel of Christ, to the authority found only in Holy Scripture, and clinical acumen are a rare combination.”