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HeartLife Foundation

About the HeartLife Foundation


“The Church ceases to be spiritual when it becomes self-seeking, only interested in the development of its own organization.” -Oswald Chambers

We exist to promote healthy, gospel-centered relationships at the heart of the local church. The Foundation focuses on three areas: promoting a clear understanding of the application of the gospel in the life of the church, supporting and training pastoral and lay leadership, and providing resources that help believers apply the gospel in every realm of their lives.

Promoting a Right Understanding of the Gospel

The gospel is the foundation of everything we do. A solid gospel focus brings honor to God and help to people. The gospel provides new life and calls us to a radically new way of living. Our ministry to God’s people succeeds when we help them find their total dependence on God through Christ. A sound understanding of the gospel provides the basis of every ministry we offer so that the believer’s “faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.” (I Corinthians 2:5)

Supporting Pastoral Leadership

Few callings are as demanding as pastoral leadership. In our country alone 1,400 pastors leave the ministry each month due to stress, disillusionment or forced termination. We believe that the church’s health is directly related to the pastor’s health. If we can strengthen pastors, we can strengthen churches. We offer support in two specific areas that are strategic to healthy pastoral leadership.

Direct support for the life of the pastor:

The health of the pastor’s soul, will in time, be reflected in the health of the church. The pastor needs someone pouring into his life so that he can pour the gospel into the life of his church members. We want to be such a resource for pastors. We provide this support through regular seminars, articles, books, and internet-based materials designed for the pastor’s life and ministry. We also provide personal support for pastors and their families in times of crisis.

Training in relational leadership:

Relational issues are at the core of most church and church staff problems. We offer consulting and training in the areas of team building, relational and communication skills, and conflict resolution.

Providing Resources to the Local Church

Out of the first two priorities flows our third priority of providing resources. These resources undergird a clear understanding of the gospel and support the pastor in equipping his people for Christian living and to do the “work of ministry.”

We aim not for a mere mental understanding of the gospel, but a radical application of the gospel to every area of life.

This kind of living is what makes God’s people attractive in this world that so badly needs the gospel of Christ. We will provide these resources through three avenues: curricula, onsite training, and professional soul care for individuals in crisis.


We offer materials for use in the local church related to basic discipleship, developing a soul care ministry within the church, and gospel centered materials that deal with common difficulties Christians face in daily living. These materials suit Sunday School and small group ministries.

Onsite Training and Teaching

With decades of experience, we can be most effective when on location with the people of the church. Our onsite services include intensive training to equip church members in providing gospel focused soul care to their hurting fellow believers, church seminars that deal with the realities and challenges of Christian marriage, and consulting for churches that are in search of a senior pastor. This is a challenging time for any church and we are equipped to help the church body find a pastor whose gifts and doctrinal convictions match their needs.

Professional Soul Care

HeartLife Foundation supports HeartLife Professional Soul Care. This ministry engages people in deep crisis and provides them with counsel and care to help them get back on their feet and enjoy a healthy life again.