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Redeeming Relationships

Designed to Help You Repair a Broken Heart

A wife, whose husband engages in inappropriate sexual behavior, or addiction, will find herself dealing with the repercussions of his choices. Shame, betrayal, and rejection often stem from a spouse’s unfaithfulness. Pornography, adultery, and emotional “affairs” destroy the covenant of marriage. For the marriage to heal and be what God intended, both husband and wife must be involved in the healing process.
The Redeeming Relationships group for women is designed to help you repair a broken heart by addressing the devastation of unfaithfulness. It is a safe place to overcome the emotional and spiritual damage to the wife whose husband has broken his marital vows or vice versa. You no longer have to be alone in your journey. Our counselors and other men and women going through this difficult experience will help you move toward wholeness.

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