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Crisis of Faith

Helping You Find God and His Grace

Many Christians serve God for years and suddenly circumstances, past choices, or heartbreak produce doubts and we question God’s love and goodness. We may enter a season in our lives where we are frustrated, spiritually bankrupt, and even angry with God.

We know the Bible tells us that “God will never leave us or forsake us” but we cannot seem to find Him.

Many heroes of the Christian faith have experienced these feelings.

Some of our Christian fathers referred to this crisis of faith as “the dark night of the soul.” If we are honest, all of us struggle in our walk with the Lord. These are times when we need another Christ-follower to join us in this difficult part of our journey.

HeartLife clinicians understand, because we too have experienced dark times. We are here to enter your journey with you, and our mission is to help you find God’s grace and love His light in the darkness.

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