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Unique Help for Learning Challenges

Unique Help for Learning Challenges

THRIVE Learning Center provides comprehensive testing and evaluation to kids of all ages. We truly believe every child can THRIVE, if given the opportunity!

Our approach with a child typically involves several steps:

1. We meet with you and discuss the particular challenges your child is facing. The challenge may be ADHD, a specific learning disability, or another reason he/she is having difficulty in the classroom or at home. That’s why we design each assessment specific to the child.
2. Bring your child to our office for three to four hours of interactive testing and evaluation. We make sure they are comfortable before you leave them with us. Our goal is to learn everything possible about each child’s unique abilities.
3. We assess and examine all the data and prepare an in-depth report. We prepare a com­prehensive evaluation with recommendations. This usually takes about 2 weeks for us to complete.
4. Following the assessment process, we will meet with you to discuss all of our findings and recommendations. We do not take a “cookie-cutter” approach to testing or recommendations. Why? Because every child is unique. Let us be your partner to invest in your child’s success.

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We would love to begin the process of helping your child THRIVE!

Please contact Lori Church at (901) 756-5788 to get started.

Assessment Services
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Assessment Services for Children and Adults